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“When the sharpest words wanna cut me down, I won't let them break me down to dust.

I know that there's a place for us, for we are glorious.”

We are all born to be special and irreplaceable. 「野」‘Wild’ is a series to represent a metaphor of the society. The ‘Gazelle Run’, ‘Serpent Bite’ and ‘Firefly Shine’ respectively stand for different types of people and what they do in our society. 

Gazelle, Serpent, Firefly can be anyone of us in this society, revealing the adventure of seeking one’s true self. Embrace your flaws and know your strengths, you are perfect in the way you are.

The Gazelle
Dima, as the Gazelle in the video, symbolizes a wanderer exploring one’s true-self in the wild. Being gregarious in nature, gazelles always stay together to protect each other from natural enemies. Dima, however, is wandering alone in the city as prey in the video. Knives and hunts are chasing around him. Despite being feeble and soft in nature, Dima upholds his self-confidence to surmount the challenges along the way of self-exploration. Gentle but strong, sprinkles and shines onto his own path.

The Firefly
Shona, as the Firefly in the video, symbolizes a lost star shining through the dusk. Fireflies shine at night, so people cannot see their brightness during the day. Being locked within a cage of tedious work-life and condemnation, Shona’s values are buried. As the evening approaches, Shona tries to resist all the traps and critics, soars in the air, shimmers in the murkiness.

The Serpent
Koleman, as the Serpent in the video, symbolizes the insecurity within himself during his expedition of self-acceptance.
Molting is a necessary process for serpents. They shed their skin and are reborn anew during which their vision becomes clouded. Koleman is dressing up in a way that requires attention from our society in the lights of social media, yet is rubbing against our own stigma to free himself of its constraints. With this rebirth, Koleman ultimately discovers his own strengths and values, willing to embrace his genuine characteristics. Koleman finds his unique meaning of life.

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