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Anson Chan

Anson is emerging fashion photographer from Hong Kong who narrates stories through every detail in her work. 


She studied abroad in Taiwan for her university degree, acquainted German . These experiences enable her to be a flexible and independent person to work with.  She, hence, managed to pick up related skills and techniques on her own by three years of well-disciplined learning.  After a few years working on advertisement, editorial shootings and video productions,  she stepped out the comfort zone and spent half year of working holiday in Berlin.  She enjoys encountering people from diverse cultures and walks of life, which significantly affected her style to be mystery and melancholy. She strongly believes that every small pieces of life can scrape meaningful stories.  There is a crack in everything, and that is how light gets in.

In Feb 2020, she held her first solo exhibition theming 'Suffocation' and '野Wild' in Berlin. 

In Jan 2021,  she held a photos, video and resin exhibition  'Trauma Traum 2020' in Hong Kong collaborating with 2 resin artists Sharon and Vincent, which inspired by all those traumas from 2020.

Anson Chan是位時尚攝影師和攝錄師,希望透過自身的鏡頭來呈現七色五味的故事,即使在黯淡裏也必定有一絲希望,可以失望但不能絕望。出生於香港,曾到台灣留學主修德文,從2016年開始自學攝影,經過幾年在廣告製作、藝人公司、時尚雜誌和時裝公司的工作經驗,以及到德國工作假期,不同文化洗禮後,建立了她強烈的浪漫美感,她作品風格偏向冷艷而神秘,但希望透過作品去訴說一個個動人故事。

活躍於香港時尚攝影界,曾跟不同藝人和各大時尚品牌合作。2021年2月,Anson 在柏林舉辦了她首個個人展覽,展出’Suffocation’ 和’ Wild 野’ 兩輯作品。2020年的動盪引發她去創造一個關於2020的故事,與兩位樹脂藝術家在2021年1月香港聯辦了「Trauma Traum 2020」相片、影片、樹脂展覽。





Phone: HK +852 69045310

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