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Eternity to be

永恆之前 Eternity to be
exhibited in

« Le monde d'aujourd' hui et le rève des artistes » in Paris




Life is a metaphor of sprouting and withering. Life can also be understood as sunrise and sunsetting. It has been an inevitable cycle for every flower, experiencing a start and coming to an end. Some may just grow in an ordinary manner, some may linger to keep pleasant fragrance. Uraria Crinita, definition of wisdom and determination, is perhaps wishing to be the latter.

From the language of flowers, Uraria Crinita symploizes ‘perseverance’. Amidst extreme circumstances or unstable turmoil, it grows fertile and hence flows along the air. Its seeds scatter on all kinds of land, bloom and grow vividly.

Throughout Anson's inner-searching process, she has inherited herself with a brave spirit of surmounting difficulties and instabilities. Raised in a broken family with thorns, walked upon the uneasy dream-chasing path, she turns suffering into blessings in disguise. Flattened pieces hence become remarkable nutrients, fostering the growth of her own blossom. Perhaps when dusk is near, when life is of closure, her wishing and determined soul remains among the withered.

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