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Trauma Traum 2020

Director & Video Editor: @ansonepic

Video: @mart_yeung

Resin Artist: @sharon_o_w_yeung @vincent_cy_woo

Makeup: @yucca.y

Hair: @roomdickson
Model: @sohoilun

Dress: @30menu 

Music: @weijlee













2020 maybe a traumatic year. The whole world has gone into a misty of frustration, scar and anger. Countless lives have silently left their dear friends and family, numerous hearts have been torn apart by shameless evil powers. We are seemingly moving ahead, yet factually caged among the haze.



In German, "Traum" means dream.

How would you define dream? Some say dream can be a halt, some say dream can be a continuous state.

The reality of searching "Traum" maybe uncertain or discouraged, obstacles and limitations can be "trauma". At the same time, "Traum" can be lights in the darkness, to spark hope and joy.


May every soul carry on, may "Traum" sprinkles your heart tenderly in ever-changing days.

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